USD Gebrauchtmaschinen
für Gummi und Kunststoff GmbH

Agent and seller of used or refurbished machines, as well as selected new machines for the rubber industry.

USD Gebrauchtmaschinen

Distribution and sale of machinery

USD Gebrauchtmaschinen für Gummi und Kunststoff GmbH is the subsidiary of ROLF SCHLICHT GmbH founded in 1982.

We are mainly engaged in distribution and sale of used or reconditioned machines and equipment for the rubber industry, but we also offer selected new machines.


Latest offers

Here you will find an overview of our current offers of used and new machines. Just click on the appropriate category. A comprehensive selection of new machines can be found on the homepage of our parent company ROLF SCHLICHT GmbH.

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Article number Description Category Condition
00170202Batch-off cooling linePlantsnewShow details
20190901tandem lab mixer Pomini VIC1.8-PX1.6 – usedKneader / internal mixerusedShow details
20210101Internal Mixer W & P GK 100 U/K, tangentialKneader / internal mixerusedShow details
20210102Internal Mixer GK 250 EKneader / internal mixerusedShow details
30190701Laboratory Roll Mill 220x575Roll millsusedShow details
30190702Laboratory Roll Mill 300x700Roll millsusedShow details
30191102Roll mill Comerio Ercole 250 x 500 mm Roll millsusedShow details
30200501Roll mill Mecchaniche Moderne 500 x 1500 mm Roll millsusedShow details
30200502Roll mill Comerio Ercole 550 x 1500 mmRoll millsusedShow details
30201101Roll mill Comerio Ercole Monobloc 400x1000 mmusedShow details
30201202Bridge / 150x300 mm Laborwalzwerk Roll millsusedShow details
30210201Schwabenthan / 200x450 mm Laborwalzwerk Roll millsusedShow details
30210401ITALMEC / Monobloc Walzwerk 400 x 1000 mmRoll millsusedShow details
30210901Lab Roll Mill KCM / 200x500 mm / KMM-500DDRoll millsnewShow details
351906014 roll Calender Farrel 85M1078 150x380 mm CalenderusedShow details
351907014-roll calender 700x1650CalenderusedShow details
352003012 roll calender Rodolfo Comerio 700 x 2300 mmCalenderusedShow details
352012014 roll calender 600 x 1560 mm - Kleinewefers ZK 60/4CalenderusedShow details
40190101Strainer BOYKE KS-V 60PreformerusedShow details
40210302BARWELL / C3 Plus 60 ltr.PreformerusedShow details
50191101Vulcanization press Wickert WKP 1850 S 400 x 400 mmPressesusedShow details
50210101Vulcanization press Wickert WKP 2560/5/2,5 PressesusedShow details
50210802Vulcanization press Wickert WKP 2560/5/2,5PressesusedShow details
60200401Rubber injection molding machine LWB Steinl 750x700 mmInjection molding machines (rubber)usedShow details
60201101Rubber Injection Molding Press Rutil RS 1200/150, verticalInjection molding machines (rubber)usedShow details
60210501Rubber injection moulding machine Saspol/ TCJ 450 – Mod. 2500, verticalInjection molding machines (rubber)usedShow details
70210301Rubber–Extruder Ankele AE 1-70-22-GSP-EExtruders (rubber)usedShow details
70210501Rubber–Extruder Uth / Roll-Ex 70 GE 60KLx6DExtruders (rubber)usedShow details
75200401Bale cutter Pugno C925Bale cutterusedShow details
75200402Bale cutter Pugno C925Bale cutterusedShow details
80211001Coordinate Measuring machine Werth / VideoCheck SMiscellaneousnewShow details
90150901Fresh air lab drying oven HERAEUS FT 60/200newShow details
90190301 Air-cooled water chillerMiscellaneoususedShow details
90211001Cryogenic Deburring Machine AW GmbH & Co. KG, Finnentrop / AWS 60MiscellaneoususedShow details
93181105Plastic injection molding press ENGEL ES 200/45 HL Injection molding machines (plastic)usedShow details
932110012k Plastic Injection Moulding Machine incl. robot KraussMaffei KM 650/2000/750 CX ZInjection molding machines (plastic)newShow details
97150501Extruder Berstorff KE 90-30DExtruders (plastic)usedShow details
97210201Extruder Ankele / AE 1-45-33-6-EExtruders (plastic)usedShow details


Current requests

Here you will find an overview of our current requests. You can offer a machine? We are looking forward to your message.

  • C-frame press (about 300×300, 50 t)
  • Vulcanization press 1600 – 2500 kN
  • Simple vulcanization press 1000 kN
  • Wickert press 200 t
  • Laboratory roll mill up to 450 mm width
  • Injection molding press Boy 80E
  • Injection molding press 300-400 to, horizontal
  • Injection molding press 400 to, vertical, volume >4 liter


Trendsetter for 60 years

USD Machinery

In 1982 our subsidiary USD Gebrauchtmaschinen für Gummi und Kunststoff GmbH was founded. We are mainly engaged in mediation and sale of used or reconditioned machines and plants for the rubber industry.


Foundation of ROLF SCHLICHT GmbH by graduate chemist Rolf Schlicht. Due to good contacts to the rubber and cable industry, the technical trading house specializes in representation of international established machine construction companies for these industries.

SCHLICHT Handelsgesellschaft mbH (formerly Schlicht-group)

Cleaning technology, special cleaner and color dosing systems for the plastics industry.

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Contact us

Write to us by using the contact form or call us. We are happy to advise you.

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